Here you will have a dedicated accountancy team to work with to deal with your tax returns and self assessments

Radio Airplay and Interviews 


Here you will have the opportunity to have your music  on radio and have live interviews Worldwide 


Interested in hiring us ? Let's Talk.​ Get in contact 

Charlene Jones

" Im so happy now Im finding myself gaining further within my career each week Thank You ! "Xphoric Sounds 
"Great to be apart of TheLostAtlantisRecord and to be managed and developed to Great Success "Solomon Wu Tang Clan 

"I Love being apart of the experience with Charlene &the Lost Atlantis records with management life has been so much easier and really helped me to concentrate on making music Ive loved every minute of it especially Ibiza .Dj DORKY

"Being apart of the team with Charlene and the Lost atlantis Records and been a incredible experience and opportunity and I cant wait for the years to come " - Glen 

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